Exciting News – Renovation Junkies is finally here!

Well its been a year in the making but im proud to say that Renovation Junkies has arrived. While its still very much a work in progress my new site has been designed to help out first time renovators and owner builders who are looking for that extra bit of information on the topic of building and renovating.

I decided to launch this new site due to some of the questions I was receiving from my blog posts on this site and also from the videos I have been posting on my YouTube channel. So what is Renovation Junkies all about? Well it’s just like the name says, its for people who are addicted to renovating, or have the bug to renovate but they don’t know where to start. Below is the welcome video for the site explaining what its all about.

I have designed Renovation Junkies so that you can be walked through the various stages of the process from start to finish and I have included some of the templates and procedures that you will need to ensure a smooth running project. One of the key templates I give away on the site is a construction schedule which helps you to map out the time line of a new project from start to finish with all of the key critical dates included. Here is a video I put together a little while ago that shows how to use this template.

I have broken down the whole process into 5 key stages and they are –

Stage 1. Research Stage.

Stage 2. Plans Stage.

Stage 3. Pre Construction Stage.

Stage 4. Construction Stage.

Stage 5. Job Completion Stage.

Over the coming months I will be drilling down into the intricate details of each of these stages and mapping out what the entire process should like like form start to finish. So if you get a chance head on over and check out the new site, I would love to know what you think about it.