Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

open plan kitchen

An open plan kitchen design makes the best use of the space available in a kitchen. They are usually small, light and open, and enable you to make the best use of small open spaces; ideal for smaller families with small children. The open plan kitchen and dining room is also the perfect place to entertain friends and open the space up with kitchen islands and bars.

Coming Up With a Design

If you’re looking for open plan kitchen designs to get your ideas about the way your room could look try looking online. There are some great websites you can visit that will give you some very useful open plan kitchen design tips. These design tips will help you think of some really good layouts for your open plan kitchen. There are loads of different styles to choose from, so you will have plenty of options open to you. You may like a more traditional style kitchen or a more contemporary style, it’s really up to you.

When thinking about open plan kitchen and dining room space, a big feature to bear in mind is that plenty of natural light is required to function properly. Ideally, you want a kitchen/dining room open plan with plenty of natural light coming through. With this in mind, you need to think about having windows that open out onto a spacious open plan kitchen floor. You can get this open space by having the doors open wide, preferably angled to the open position. You can also get natural light by having skylights open over the dining room. If you don’t have skylights, then you can use tinted glass to create an open feeling.


As you open the plan area up, you’ll find that you can maximize space by using two spaces effectively. The first space that you can open up is the dining area. With this open plan kitchen, you can create a small island or two smaller areas to eat. Ideally, the two smaller areas should be almost symmetrical with each other. This will give you more seating opportunities. If you’re lucky, you might even have two seating areas at the island and two dining tables on opposite sides of the island.

open plan kitchen

Another great open plan kitchen idea is to open up your kitchen completely. In this design style, you open up space by clearing out the existing kitchen counters and cabinets. Then, you open up space by creating open shelves and drawer fronts for display items. You can then put in open shelving units and open cabinets where necessary. You must use lots of wall space to create open plan kitchens in this way.

More Ideas

Here are some other open plan kitchen design ideas that you can use as you get creative with your space. You can use a wall-mounted sink and dish racks where possible. This will make the most of the countertop space. If you have a bar at one end of the kitchen, you could install a small refrigerator and stoves.

Another layout idea for an open plan kitchen is to create separate work zones. Larger kitchen areas can be separated into work zones by sliding doors or even having a movable wall between them. This will give you more workspace and make it easier to move around your work areas. If you want to separate areas of the kitchen from each other, you can use a wooden or acrylic partition to separate areas. This will allow you to create different working areas depending on what task needs to be done.

These open plan kitchen storage ideas are just a few of the many things you can do with an open plan kitchen. The best thing about these kitchen storage ideas is that they will give you more storage options and more working space. Open-plan kitchens give you the freedom to design anything that you desire. You have plenty of space, so why not use it to your advantage.